Travel Tips – Top 5 Mobile Apps One Should Not Forget to Take When Going on Vacation

Travel Tips – Top 5 Mobile Apps One Should Not Forget to Take When Going on Vacation

The most useful mobile applications for traveling fans and for their iPhone and Android devices: the top 5 electronic assistants who organize your trip. Travelers, arm you!

  1. Mobile Apps to Search for Flights

First, where to start any conversation about traveling is the flight search. And, perhaps, here search flights apps are the best choice for a traveler to find necessary flight quickly and for a reasonable price. You can search at the mobile apps store – by the keywords “flight search”, “air tickets”, “buy tickets”. The variety of such apps impresses, some of them are simple, the others are equipped with the prices calendar, voice search, construction of complex routes, a map of low prices and many other useful and convenient features in one app!

  1. Mobile Apps or Services to Make Calls


The one, who has traveled before knows that being connected to the world that you left at home is very important. Here one has several options: roaming of home operator, travel SIM card, an app to app calls like Skype,   or the services to make cheap international calls from a website. You just need to choose the one according to your needs. For example, you can make free calls from Skype to Skype app or make a call to any mobile or fixed number from web service.

  1. Mobile Apps for Hotels Search

When the tickets are found, you need to take care of how to find a cheap hotel. An excellent tool, in this case, will be the application to search and book hotels. Such apps are also available for Android and iPhone. The apps are not just looking for a house in the right city, its main feature is to compare the prices offered by dozens of the world’s leading reservation systems (, Expedia etc.). So, the user has a powerful tool at the smartphone to find the most profitable option. Be sure to download one of these very useful assistants to your gadget, and you will always be able to quickly find a cheap hotel in any place and at any time.

  1. Mobile Apps for Free Wi-Fi Search

If you urgently need access to the Internet, then there is a very useful application for travelers that will help you to find Wi-Fi point, no matter where you are (with the exception of very small settlements). Such applications are a social network where users share passwords from Wi-Fi points, so even if the network is closed, by its means if you can find the password and connect! Some of such apps work in offline mode. They are available for both Android and iPhone.

  1. Mobile Apps for Food Search

Any independent traveler knows that eating in local establishments is much tastier than at the restaurants advertised in the brochures for tourists. Several really good apps can give you valuable advice on a good place where you can eat, and Foursquare and Yelp are the best among them. Here you will find recommendations about brick and mortar establishments to have meals.

And remember “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta. So, let’s start your journey as you are starting a new story!

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