5 Popular Solutions for Deploying a Telephone Network Quickly and Easily

5 Popular Solutions for Deploying a Telephone Network Quickly and Easily


Asterisk is a PBX capable of switching both VoIP calls and calls between IP telephones and the traditional landline telephone network.

  • Supported protocols: IAX, SIP, H.323, Skinny, UNIStim.
  • Supported codecs: G.711 (ulaw and alaw), G.722, G.723, G.729, GSM, iLBC, LPC-10, Speex.

Asterisk is a dynamically developing open source software that can be installed without licensing. This makes this PBX attractive for small and medium businesses. The number of subscribers in the network can reach 2000 and is limited only by the capacity of the server.

Another advantage of Asterisk is the possibility of flexible configuration. All the necessary functionality is either already implemented, or can be completed independently without significant time and money costs. This is facilitated by the principle: one task is one software module.

In comparison with the solutions from other vendors such as Cisco or Avaya, Asterisk is also attractive with the cost of deployment. In fact, all the costs are reduced only to the purchase of telephones and a server that can provide the required load on the network. The program itself is absolutely free.

Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CallManager)

CallManager is intended primarily for large networks, including up to 30,000 subscribers. The given hardware and software complex provides reliability of work and allows configuring many parameters, such as call forwarding or voice menu. There is also a “lightweight” express version, intended rather for small offices.

Of the advantages of Cisco CallManager, it should be noted, first of all, the famous technical support of Cisco Corporation. With an appropriate contract service level, any problem, from the configuration questions to the out-of-service equipment, will be solved almost instantly. Therefore, Cisco CallManager is suitable for companies that are willing to pay a lot of money, but also receive the highest quality of service.

Avaya IP Office

The IP Office system can be a good choice for the average size of the telephone network. The number of subscribers here is limited not only by the capacity of the server but also by the number of licenses purchased. You need to license almost everything – expansion cards, used applications, etc., which can cause some inconvenience.

The configuration can be carried out through a number of programs, but the most popular and easy to use is Avaya IP Office Manager. It is also possible to control via the console using the Avaya Terminal Emulator.

In general, Avaya products are not limited to one IP Office. Avaya, in 2009 merged with another well-known manufacturer Nortel, is a recognized leader in the market of equipment for IP-telephony.

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