SMS Mailing is one of The New and Very Effective Types of Advertising

SMS Mailing is one of The New and Very Effective Types of Advertising

Statistics show that up to 90% of the recipients read the received SMS message. And every person who is interested in Your services or products, save SMS with your advertising and contact information in your phone in order to use it on occasion.

There are two main directions of using SMS in Your business:

Reminding Your current clients about yourself: submit news, information about promotions, discounts, sales, etc. The Director of marketing at Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Procter and Gamble, and Microsoft mention: “Retention of an old customer costs six times cheaper than acquiring the new one.” The developer of one of such SMS self-service platform also support this idea and add that SMS may be considered as one of the cheapest ways to promote products and services.

Getting new customers by sending information about Your company, is advantages but in terms of price and promotional offers, it is more beneficial to have an instant contact with your new current customers. Reminding the words of one outstanding poet: “Nothing improves the quality of sales of goods, as the amount of advertising”. It is You who decides how much this “quality ” will work for Your business…

The following are examples of the use of bulk SMS in various areas of business:

Taxi service – personal notification of the client about the taxi arrival. To do this, there is a function added to the computer accounting of taxi orders, which allows the system to send an SMS message to the client/ Such SMS may include the model, color, the number of the car as well as time of taxi delivery. On the other hand, bulk SMS may be used for the second priority bulk SMS newsletter subscribers on the basis of at least once having booked a taxi, about the various new proposals of the taxi service. This service allows you to increase the number of orders due to the fact that part of Your one-time customers can become permanent.

Car dealerships and service centers – advertising of new services and products, notifying customers about everything that may interest them, for example, mass SMS for car owners of a particular brand or for those who have used a certain type of service.

Banks and loan delivering organizations – SMS services will allow the client to receive full information on his accounts, wherever he is. SMS can include the following types of services:

  • SMS informing about the movement of funds, account statements, etc.;
  • SMS notification on the decision to issue a loan and on the terms of repayment of loans;
  • SMS advertising of new Bank services;
  • SMS services to inform customers about promotions and special offers of the Bank.
  • Shops and retail chains – SMS informing about discounts, sales, new product arrivals, the opening of new sales points.

Sports and fitness clubs-notification of the expiration of the subscription and discounts on its sales, notification of the beginning of classes, schedule, and availability in groups.

Nightclubs, restaurants, cafes – notification of concerts, meetings, recitals, discos, sending personal invitations and congratulations, etc.

Entertainment centers-invitations to holidays, parties, concerts, booking tickets and reservations, congratulations to your guests on various holidays, notifications of special promotions and offers.

Take advantage of our offer to use bulk SMS and make sure that SMS newsletter-advertising is a correct channel up to your goal!

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