Learn How Can Bulk SMS Be Useful For a Website

Learn How Can Bulk SMS Be Useful For a Website

Using bulk SMS for advertising a website

With the development of the Internet, many businesses have the opportunity to earn money, not restricting themselves by geographical limitations. Group text messages can help to maintain contact with customers even when they are offline.

The tasks of SMS for the website:

  • Website news distribution
  • Notification of updates in some website section
  • Link user accounts to a phone number
  • Formation of a favorable image of a website

Bulk SMS will help a website to solve the following tasks:

  • Notification of new opportunities at the website. Example: “Process photos and create avatars directly in your browser. Dozens of new filters are waiting for you on the site photo.com».
  • Informing about updates in the website section. Example: “You have 11 new jobs in your category. See right now at jobwebsite.com».
  • Send a code to confirm. Example: “Your confirmation code: 0742. www.sms-smart.com».
  • Send greeting on Birthday. Example: “Master Chef website congratulates you on your birthday and wishes you success.”

SMS distribution can be an additional useful feature to your website

If you have an idea of good service online, there is a great chance to develop a website for this service. For example, many people after graduation from university start learning languages at home or with a tutor. It is an excellent idea to start doing it online and make a website for these services. Over time, the website will accumulate so many students that communicating with them all for I person will be hard. Here SMS can help.

SMS notification is an essential element.

  1. Firstly, it is possible to avoid registration of robots on the website. None needs robots in the database. During the registration code comes on the phone of the user and the same phone cannot be registered twice.
  2. Secondly, Tutors can subscribe to the website to receive messages that someone signed up in their city, or a new user needs to study a language that the tutor teaches.
    Besides, mass SMS can notify about payments, an alert about the need to pay, etc.

We recommend SMS marketing tool to all who evaluate the speed of conveying information to large groups of users!

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